The Sprinkler Saver

Sprinkler Saver is a cost-effective, long-term solution to the problems with traditional concrete sprinklers donuts and guards. By utilizing a full-length design, Sprinkler Saver safeguards against impacts, damage from lawn mowers, trimmers, overgrowth, and more. No more digging to straighten the head, and no more calls to your irrigation service.

Its This Easy

When properly installed, Sprinkler Savers virtually eliminate grass growth around the sprinkler head, resulting in an easy and simple trimming job with clean results. You can use a post hole digger (optional) to install in the ground over your existing sprinkler. Then, fill the inside gap with small (3/8”) pea stone to prevent grass growth. No extra care required - Just set it and forget it.

Why Sprinkler Saver?

Unlike traditional concrete sprinkler donuts & guards, Sprinkler Saver offers greater durability and a longer lifespan, helping to keep your sprinkler systems maintenance at a minimum. Having been patented since 2003, we have had two decades to refine the Sprinkler Saver, and over 45 years of manufacturing experience to draw from. We proudly manufacture all of our products in the United States.

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Concrete Donuts

Protection from Mowers and Trimmers

Large surface area distributes impacts evenly into the ground

Limited surface area & brittle materials crack on impact

Subterranean Protection

Extends below root systems preventing them from impeding function

No protection from vegetation overgrowth


Durable polypropylene ensures a long lifespan

Prone to cracking over time

Spray Improvement

Improves spray dispersion by keeping sprinkler head vertical

Prone to leaning over time

Protection from Movement

Securely Embedded in Ground

Floats on surface

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